SunRice has joined Taste Riverina Festival as gold sponsor for the third year, this time with TV cook and personality, Poh Ling Yeow its new brand ambassador, leading the way. Poh is promoting the new Topaz fragrant rice variety during the festival, with education and learning an essential part of the Taste Riverina festival ethos.

A Few Details You Might Not Know About Jasmine Rice

Before rice becomes what we see on our dining table, it was grain. There are two main varieties of rices, long grain and medium grain – long grain is long-shaped but less sticky, while medium grain looks more round and tastes softer. Apart from the varieties of grains, processing also affects the taste of rice. So what is your favourite ‘Jasmine Rice’?

Take a look at the jasmine rice and you’ll notice it’s long-shaped, which identifies it a family member of long grains. Many people prefer jasmine rice when they choose to steam rice, because it’s fluffy and slightly sticky with a good aroma; great for making fried rice. Here comes another question: is it true that only Thai jasmine rice tastes great?

The growing of jasmine rice requires several special conditions: cool weather, consistent sunshine, and the decreasing moisture of soil while the grain is growing ripe, which are essential to the fragrance in the rice. Besides eastern Thailand, there are a few areas found suitable for growing jasmine rice, including low altitude areas of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, as well as Riverina of Australia. According to statistics provided by SunRice, Australia’s biggest rice company, 86% of Australian grown rice is medium and short grain while 14% is long grain – including jasmine rice. The Australian Jasmine Rice Topaz is 100% Australian grown and packed - local quality guaranteed!

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