Local Soil and Plantfood specialists, Converte Plantfood, have been building premium soil and plant health in the Riverina for over 15 years. With the close connection of healthy soils to healthy foods, Converte are back again to support Taste Riverina Festival as Bronze Sponsors. 

In fact, you can see their system in action at their special event for Taste Riverina, Healthy Soils to Healthy Food. This event highlights the link between soil health and good quality, nutritious local food. You're invited to join this event for an 'afternoon to remember' at Green Grove Organics Farm, bookings are necessary. Call 1800 108 940.

Here's what they say about Converte on ABC Landline: http://www.abc.net.au/landline/content/2015/s4289750.htm

Converte Plantfood products build organic health from soil to humans by replacing Earth’s lost nutrients. With its complex mix of organic minerals, vitamins, plant hormones, seaweed extracts and natural growth chelates, Converte, the Australian produced plantfood, is the most complex soil and plant health concentrate available. It returns the universal base nutrition to soils and plants to grow nutrient dense foods on your farm or in your own garden.

For more information on Converte, click HERE or visit www.converte.com.au


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