SunRice Topaz Jasmine Rice: The Best Choice for Your Dining Table

The growing of rice has accompanied the growing of human civilisation. Recently, scandals involving food produced in Asia widely caused concerns, which include contaminated baby formula and berries etc. All of these bring out the same question: what kind of food do we need on our dining tables nowadays?

Without any doubt, food safety is of the most importance. Australia has always been famous for having high food safety standard. Riverina of Australia – where Australia’s largest rice company SunRice is located – is renowned for its clean air and pristine environment, which provides unique advantages for rice growing. Besides, Australia has very strict food production criteria and quarantine laws to ensure Australian rice meets the high standards of food safety.

Taste is also very important for rice lovers. Australian soil is rich in potassium and silicon, which is perfect for growing great tasting rice. Consumer research shows that jasmine rice is a very popular variety in Australia and South East Asia, representing 75% of the market share in Hong Kong/Singapore, and 42% of the Asia groceries market in Australia.

To meet the growing demand, in July 2015, SunRice launches new Jasmine rice variety Topaz. Topaz represents the high standard of Australia-grown rice, and it is a premium Jasmine rice product. Apart from ensuring the high safety standards, SunRice also consistently improves its rice growing technology and it has successfully enhanced the fragrance and taste of Topaz jasmine rice.  According to the result of a consumer sensory test (blind test) conducted in Hong Kong*, which is one of the most competitive rice market in the world, Australian jasmine rice Topaz actually achieved the highest scores in taste, appearance and flavour, exceeding the local market leader - Thai Jasmine rice. 

For those families who have rice often for their meal, Topaz is no doubt the perfect choice for their dining tables. 

*Sensory test of four rice products in Hong Kong in 2013 with 80 consumers.



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