A trip to Altina Wildlife Park promises an exciting, up-close and personal experience where you come face to face with a vast range of exotic and domestic animals...with a twist!

Take a comfortable ride on Altina’s quirky horse-drawn cart around the exhibits, where African Lions, Hyena, Maned Wolves, African Hunting Dogs, Red Pandas, Meerkats, Monkeys, Giraffe, Reptiles such as Saltwater and Freshwater Crocodiles and the awesome American Alligator are content to feed right beside you.

In the near future Servals, Ring-tailed Lemurs, Southern Coatis, and White Rhinos will be added to the collection.

Altina is fast becoming renowned for its ability to contribute to conservation of endangered species, in particular being the most successful breeding facility in the country for Ungulate species.

The tours combine fun, relaxation and education in the most unique way. Designed for all ages, this experience is one not to be missed.

For something a little more exciting, try our Behind the Scenes Tours - the ultimate close up feeding encounter with your chosen animals.

Bookings or enquiries: 0412 060342 www.altinawildlife.com
Sturt Highway, Darlington Point NSW 2706

Open everyday except Christmas, New Years, Good Friday & Easter Sunday